Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bonds Mania!

Yes, I hate Bonds, but I do have an eye to catch history in the making. Hey, if he's going to break it anyways, why not try to see it?

We got seats in the most likely place Bonds would hit his 755th home run, the right field pavilion, which also has now morphed into the all you can eat pavilion. More on that later. The scene was wild every time he came to bat as everyone funnelled to the bottom of the section for the chance to catch history and quite possibly a million dollars.

I also thought that with all the havoc going on, that this father had the foresight to plant a helmet on his kid once the chaos began.

The all you can eat section was something I always wanted to try, but I probably would never find myself out there without any good reason other than to gorge myself. The section was well run and you could pretty much grab what you wanted. My previous record for dodger dogs at a game was three, so I was really surprised I only topped that record by one. I felt like I could of had more, but luckily reasoning set in because the next few days felt like someone was inflating my stomach like a hot air balloon. A word to the wise, try it once, but don't buy season tickets there.