Monday, August 11, 2008

James Campbell - MARRIED!!

This last Saturday, I had the honor of being in the wedding party of James's wedding as well as giving a speech. This really was a hard wedding to describe because it was extremely solid from start to finish.

James and Nikki cutting up the dance floor!

I'm not going to comment on my speech, but much props to Chris Woo for delivering the goods as well on his speech. I loved his opening that along the lines like, "James and I have been great friends, like Luke and Han Solo in Star Wars, or Riggs and Murtock in Lethal Weapon, or even Jack and Ellis in Brokeback Mountain." Also much props to Parker, for some last minute editting on mine and Costello, for having to go last after we used up most of the good material.

Barbara admiring my handsomeness!!

Also I have to make mention of the bachelor party. Originally, we had planned on having it in Morro Bay, but it turned out there wasn't much to do there. Well, two weeks before the event after a pow wow with Costello and Trevor, we decided Morro Bay was going to be lame and switched the event to Palm Desert. Only, we didn't tell Campbell that. We made him try to figure it out himself as we picked him up.

I had known nothing about the Palm Desert scene, but it's actually got a Vegas vibe without the smoking. We stayed at the Marriot, which was the place to be. The pool was just filled with partiers and the club was awesome. Top Three Ever!! The cap though was the dinner. He went to a California Cuisine across to a place called Cork Tree. Everything was exceptional from the entrees all the way down to the bread. Awesome wedding, awesome bachelor party, and awesome awesomeness!!