Monday, May 21, 2012

EuroCup entrants

Pool A
1.Russia - Tedman, Ladave
2.Greece - Darren, Sean
3.Czech - Leslie, Liliana
4.Poland - Bridget, Melanie

Pool B
1.Germany - Andrew, Zacko
2.Netherlands - Scott, Michelle
3.Portugal - Barb, Rap
4.Denmark - Siobhan, Casey

Pool C
1.Spain - Campbell, Norm
2.Italy - Fred, Christian
3.Croatia - Adele, Wessel
4.Ireland - Craig, Dobbs

Pool D
1.England - Troy, Stan
2.France - Jay, Wesley
3.Sweden - Tim, Scerra
4.Ukraine - Brandon, Chloe

Please paypal me $11 to or $10 in person.

Monday, May 14, 2012

EuroCup pool 2012!

Euro 2012 is here! It's here every four years! I just learned that.

This pool is in the same format as the world cup pool. Everyone's name in a hat and will draw one team. This year's tourney is going to be tighter than the World Cup with half the teams and more parity.

Entry is $10(or $11 to my Payout is $100 to first, $40 to second and $20 to third(the semi-final loser to the Euro winner).

The draw will be held live either on the Wednesday or Thursday night after Memorial Day(Kings game pending).