Monday, February 9, 2009

My dad's portfolio

If you go onto, my dad doesn't have the largest page. It isn't because a lack of trying, but it's just that most of his work has gone as uncredited. Not too many people know that he created the radars in Top Gun or added special effects to the last episode of Cheers. And of course, with all the Simpsons gear around the house, you know how much of a big part he was with the show.

Anyways, last Saturday, we were flipping through the channels and my dad told me to hold it on one of our non-premium channels. "Repo Man" was starting and he wanted me to watch the opening. He started to tell me how they had little time and my dad had to put together a title sequence with no money. My dad, as resourceful as he was, went to the nearest AAA and grabbed a bunch of maps because he was a member. He worked through the night and by the next morning they had their opening.

The next morning we flipped open the LA Magazine in the sunday section and they had an article about the fifty greatest movie title sequences in the history of film. You can guess what was one of the films, but the man who got the credit was someone my dad never met.

Repo Man Title Sequence(The first 2:16)