Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween - West Hollywood Style!

Me, Barbara and Stone Cold Chinfoo headed down a couple of blocks to the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. My goal, was to entertain the masses with my highly detailed Brett(pronounced "Brit" in New Zealandish) costume from my favorite show "Flight of the Conchords". It was hard to find something distinctive from the show, but I thought dressing up in his day job outfit was the easiest way to get recognition:

Of course, I had no success at the Dan Mack party of anyone figuring out who I was. My hope was in the mass of 300,000 revelers that I'd get at least ten people recognizing who I was.

Unfortunately, most people thought I was just a phone salesman, saying things like "Free Phones?", "Where's the Phones?" and "Give me a Phone!" Yes, it got tedious after awhile. But it was a high-risk, high-reward costume. I got seventeen confirmed sightings. The best part was the quotes from the show referencing my girlfriend like, "Did you walk around the outside of her?" or "She's so hot she's like boom!" My favorite though was the David Bowie inspired, "Wear the eyepatch Brit! Wear the funky, funky eyepatch!"

As for the rest of the evening, a lot of awesome costumes. I could write a descriptive narrative, but getting a camera would help. Especially, one with a flash. We did get a picture of my favorite costume of the night. Fortunately, I didn't need a flash for it:

Finally, Barbara went as Betty Boop. She got a few sightings, but after a couple of hours being out there, she was starting to get cold and her feet were hurting from her heels. Well, after we met up with her friend Activate(going as Britney Spears) who had it worse off in both fronts, I think she realized how good she had it.

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