Monday, January 21, 2008

Zacko's New Show(s)!!

I'm back at BANG! Not just for one show, but two. I'm back Friday nights, probably back roughly into June for the Big Show with my new group, EMERGING GLOBAL SUPERPOWER(myspace page). I'm real lucky again to be in a group of very talented performers who are fun to work with.

Also I'm in another show on Thursdays called "The Set". It's part of a bigger show called "Gang Bang" where we get suggestions at the start of the show, the improv group IProv comes out and improvises off of suggested songs, and then we bring it back with an improv set based on the suggestions. We've only had one show so far, but you could see want our Director(Aliza Murrieta) had in mind with this cast. Oh, by the way, it's FREE. Starts at 9:30.

You can also check out a live feed if you're not able to make it out at:

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap - you are funny. Who would of thought.
Barbara is cute. Come and see me in Irvine. I miss you.