Friday, September 12, 2008

The New Rynews!!

About roughly three months ago, I went to the pound after I saw a beautiful chow mix online. It turned out that the chow was too big for my parents to possibly handle, but these two sisters caught my eye as well as everyone else's. They had just come in, but they weren't available for adoption or even to be looked out outside of their cage for three days, so we had to wait.

The following wednesday morning we showed up to the pound as soon as they opened. Through some weird processing system, we could look at Zooey, but not Franny for another hour. As soon as we took her out of the cage we knew we wanted her, but we came in mind that we wanted to keep the sisters together, so we waited. About a half hour later, another couple came to claim Zooey, but we didn't want to commit until we got a look at Zooey. After some deliberation, the other couple ceded that we could have Zooey as long as we kept the sisters together. As soon as we were able to meet Franny, we knew that both would be a perfect pair. We went to tell the other couple, but they had already left.

Zooey(the smaller one) is extremely docile around people, but is still aggressive when other dogs or cars go by. She is better at learning commands than Franny, but still needs a lot of work. Franny made a complete 180 change in her personality when she first came to our house. Mind you they were both recovering from being spayed, but Franny was very scared about everything the first day, making me think she was a little mental. As the week wore on, Franny not only started to warm up to everyone, but she became even more playfully active than Zooey and is very friendly as well.

Zooey and Franny at the pound

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