Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 NCAA pool is here.

For those that loved the World Cup pool, I'm bringing it back for the NCAA tourney with a few twists. The basics are: Everyone will get a random team in each region and winning is based on total point differential of your four teams. And there will be a LIVE WEBCAST of the draw on next Monday the 12th at 7:00.

The more specific rules are below, but the cost is $10 per entry or $11 if you enter through paypal. Please paypal me at this address:

Yes, this is a different format I've invented. The idea is that even if your four teams are out, you are still in the hunt because the point deferential from the teams ahead can dip as the tournament plays out. This may need some tweaking, but who doesn't love watching LIVE DRAWS?

Here’s the rules:

1. A LIVE random draw will be conducted the evening of Monday, March 12 7:00pm.

2. Everyone will have their name drawn for a team in each region. There are four regions, so everyone will have four teams.

3. The pool of entrants will be in multiples of 16. No more, no less or this doesn’t work. If we have 32 people, then two people will be assigned to each team. For 48, then three to a team. For 64, you get the drift…

4. The top five will get payouts in a pool of 32($180 / $75 / $30 / $20 / $15).

5. The winner will be by the total win differential from your four teams. Four example, if your team X State beats Y College 73-65, you are +8. If you are Y College, you are at 0.

6. To handle the expansion of the tournament to 68 teams, the four play-in games will be assigned in lieu of a team. The person drawing the play-in game will receive the winner of the game for the remainder of the tournament as well as their winning point differential for the play-in. For example, last year two #16 teams UTSA and Alabama St. faced off in the play in game with UTSA winning 80-71. Whoever drew this matchup would get UTSA a +9 entering their first round matchup against #1 Ohio State. At least it softens the blow of getting a #16 seed.

7. Your team will also be handicapped by the two seeds playing in the game. For example, if you hold a #15 team that's playing a #2, then you will be rewarded 13 points to start. Conversely, the #2 will be deducted 13 points.

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