Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Berkeley - Big Sur Trip Day 3

We headed out of Los Gatos midday to head down to Big Sur. There was some sightseeing we wanted to do along the way, but an accident on the highway into Santa Cruz slowed us down, but we still got some in.

Building tucked into UCSC
The deers have domesticated us!

UC Santa Cruz is probably the most beautiful UC campus in the state. It may also be the most confusing as it is nestled into the trees like an ewok village, but it's definitely worth the trouble.

A 1934 WPA Bridge along Highway 1

Just another pretty view along the highway
Ma and Pa at Point Lobos Park
The rocks are partially white from the birds

We came out to Point Lobos about twenty years ago. Some things were just as we remembered them, but still it was gorgeous enough that it felt like we were there for the first time.

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. said...

About UCSC being goregous, totally true. If I was bored, instead of watchiing TV, I would go for walks all around the campus. Good Times.