Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don Rickles!!

I'll have to admit, I wasn't a big fan of Don Rickles until this year. I'm not a big fan of humor that attacks people, but that all changed when we watched an HBO special about his life, "Mr. Warmth". The first thing you take is that he's an icon of the great days of Vegas with Sinatra, Martin and the rest of the gang. Next, I didn't know that he's great, great friends with Bob Newhart, who's a polar opposite of him and one of my all time favorites. And lastly, I learned greatly to respect that he performs with no safety net and he disciminates everyone equally.

While Agoura Hills doesn't sound like the Mecca of comedy, it was the only place he was playing in the state the whole year. I bought tickets back in February. The amazing thing is that as an eighty two year old, he's as sharp up there as he's ever been. What's even more impressive about that is most of his comedy comes from the people he sees in the audience and made up on the spot. His show was one of the most special I've been too and if you have the chance to see him, do it fast.

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