Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this was my second annual, bi-annual Cal-UCLA football trip with the Campbells. Because of Barb's tight schedule, we caught the earliest flight we could saturday morning from Virgin America which turned out being the right way to start the day. With video games, tv, and music in front of you, we didn't want to get off the plane once we had Flight of the Concords queued.

After a convenient BART ride to Berkeley the Campbells picked us up where we headed for a quick crepe before landing ourselves at Raleigh's. I was bewildered by James's amazement that he'd never been in a beer garden. Really? Come to think of it, we're devoid of them here in LA. Maybe that's a sign for a career change for me.

We just missed kickoff, but were pretty amazed to see the stadium near full. It wasn't too inspiring of a game. Cal's offense had trouble finding it's rhythm which was fortunate because the Bruin's was far worse. The highlight of the game might be the highlight of the year or a lifetime. While the Cal Band was having reliably good show, out of nowhere they pulled out a recreation of "The Play". If you watch the video, it's not a little girl screaming, it's me hyperventilating.

The Bears pulled away in the fourth quarter, which was encouraging because this is the first time in years Tedford dropped his conservative play calling. Oh yeah, Coach Neuheisel is a douche. With sixty four seconds left in the game, why do you use your final time out playing defense on a first down to prolong the game down by twenty one points? Is it worth an extra play where someone might get hurt? UCLA deserves better.

After, we made a B-line to the best pizza in the world(Zachary's) and damn the hour wait. It's worth it. After dealing with a surplus of pizza and a 4am wake up call. It was time to call it a night.

For breakfast the next morning, Nikki found La Note on Yelp, which was the highest rated spot for morning meals in Berkeley. Everything was fantastic. Why didn't I ever eat at this place when I lived up there? Oh yeah, I could only afford Taco Bell.

Lastly we hit up the infamous North Face Outlet. When Campbell parked in the one hour zone, I told him you're going to have to move your car later. I wasn't joking. I've been there twice with Barbara and have shown restrain before. But I felt like I had been neglecting myself too long. I got a couple shorts and shirts, but I ventured into running shoes, which at $32 was an amazing deal. I'm not going to say how much I spent, but today the stock market went up 10%. Not a coincidence.

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